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Get great pricing for your unpaid invoices with a few clicks and send your delinquent accounts to our vetted collections partners in minutes.

The Best Collections Experience For You & Your Customers

If you’ve ever dealt with a collections agency in the past, very likely it wasn’t a pleasure. Let’s face it, it’s hard to tell which collection agencies are reputable or even licensed. The process is cumbersome, lengthy, and intransparent.

FG is here to change your experience 180 degrees. Our submission process is almost instant, and our collections partners are professional, transparent and licensed.

With FG’s real-time pricing system, know your commission fees right away, even before talking to someone, and send your invoice to collections with the click of a button.

  • Real-time, instant pricing on all invoices

    Simply enter some basic information about your invoice, and see what your commission would be. Since your fees are entirely contingency based, you only pay if you get paid.

  • No paperwork, no lengthy phone calls

    Send your severely delinquent accounts to FG’s collection partners with just a few clicks.

  • Best rates in the industry

    Enjoy the discounts our members get by being part of the FG network.

  • Full control and visibility

    Receive periodic status updates on the collectability rates and learn where your accounts stand.

  • Dedicated relationship manager

    Always have a direct personal contact that you can talk to, who also keeps track of our accounts.

  • Peace of mind

    We do the due diligence on our partners and check to see how professional, transparent and license they are, so you can sleep better.



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What Should I Expect?

How are rates calculated?

The collection agency fee you will see when you submit your request is a “contingency” fee, which means you only pay if C2C Resources successfully recovers the delinquent amounts that you placed into collections.

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If C2C Resources is successful at collecting all or part of the delinquent amounts, the collection agency fee listed on this page will be deducted from the amount collected. AIP Solutions’ fees are based on results, not on time spent on the account.

Factors that influence the collection agency fee are the age of the debt, the amount owed, the date of last payment, and the answers that you’ve provided in the questionnaire on this page.

  • Older debt - more than a year - is more difficult for C2C Resources to collect, so they often charge higher collection agency rates for older accounts
  • If it is hard to locate the debtor, C2C Resources will have to do more work upfront and account for the increased communication costs in its collections fee

C2C Resources provides discounted rates to Funding Gates subscribers. This ensures that you not only receive the best service but also the most competitive rate in the industry.

What happens next?

Once you click the “Send” button, that customer account will be sent to our Collections Partner, C2C Resources.

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C2C Resources’ debt recovery professionals will review the information you’ve provided on the debtor account and start the debt recovery process. The first step will be in contacting your debtor and understand the reasons for not paying.

Should C2C Resources have any questions about the debtor account, they will automatically get in touch with you.

Who is C2C Resources?

Since 2002, C2C Resources has provided professional, commercial debt collections services to more than 30,000 businesses throughout the United States.

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C2C truly is different, and to show you, we've highlighted the Top 5 Features That Sets C2C Apart along with some of C2C's competitive advantages

Top 5 Features:

  • Weekly remittance; receive your money faster than ever with various remittance methods to choose from
  • InfoMax Collection System; proprietary CRM & collection database that collects more money by finding out the truth about your customer's financial situation
  • Legal Forwarding Edge; partnered with a network of commercial litigation attorneys who specialize in a variety of industries to avoid high legal fees in the collection/litigation process
  • Communication; customize your own reports, receive accounting notices and 24/7 online access
  • Licensed; pursues collections effectively and legally by being licensed to collect in every State

Additional Competitive Advantages:

  • Contingency based collections; only pay if there's recovery
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Longstanding member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors
  • Superior professionalism and customer service
  • Credit Reporting through Experian
  • Endorsed by many Trade Associations and Buying Groups

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